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November 2011


Frame Materials Guide: In the Raw
By:  Erinn Morgan
A go-to guide to today’s most used, most coveted, and most cutting-edge raw frame materials

Going Digital
By:  Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.
The growing products and prospects for the digital lens arena

Labs Listen to ECPs
By:  Alex Yoho
This OLA-sponsored article looks at what ECPs want from their labs

Partnership as an Exit Strategy
By:  Bill Nolan
How it can help smooth the transition from practice owner to seller


By:  Alicia Isenberg Hoglund
Vision Expo West, License Lineup, On the Town

Private Label Pros and Cons

Ask the Labs
By:  Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.
Old and New Free-Form Finances

Eye on Equipment
By:  Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.
Quantum Shift

Buyer’s Forum
By:  Amy Spiezio
It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Lines and Launches
By:  Amy Spiezio
What’s new for buyers

Frame Introductions
By:  Amy Spiezio; Amy Endo, ABOM, CPOT
New frame releases

Buyer’s Guide
By:  Alicia Isenberg Hoglund; Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.
Tools of the business

Merchandising Resources
By:  Alicia Isenberg Hoglund
Sales drivers and promotions

By:  Alicia Isenberg Hoglund
News bits from the industry

Last Word
By:  Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.
Managing the Unmanageable

Luxury Shop Rundown
By:  Amy Spiezio
With so many shops opening, it has become difficult to keep track of the who, what, where, and when of it all. To help put things in perspective, here's a roundup of some of the key players in the luxury boutique expansion

Editor’s Letter
By:  Stephanie K. De Long
Undercover Boss

How I...
Building the Practice of the Future

Marketing Matters
By:  Erinn Morgan
Case Study: Search Engine Marketing

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