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 New Leadership at Vision Impact Institute


Kristan Gross has been named the new president of the Vision Impact Institute (VII), succeeding Maureen Cavanagh. Cavanagh is transitioning to a new, unannounced, role at Essilor of America.  Cavanagh had led VII for more than two years. Gross had most recently held the role of the organization’s director of global content and communications.
The VII is a non-profit organization that receives support from the Vision for Life Fund from Essilor International. Its mission is to raise awareness of the importance of healthy vision, including the socio-economic impact of uncorrected refractive error and quality of life benefits of visual correction.
“I would like to thank Maureen for successfully leading the Vision Impact Institute for more than two years and for championing healthy vision to organizations, policy makers, teachers and many others around the world,” says Jayanth Bhuvaraghan, chief mission officer, Essilor International. “Her contributions have positioned the VII as a thought-leader in the global conversation around the impact of vision.”
“We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Kristan to her new role as global executive director for the VII,” he continued. “Kristan’s longstanding devotion to the conversation around vision health has been clearly seen in her previous work at the VII and her support of efforts to expand awareness through evidence-based research of the global need to address uncorrected refractive error.”
Gross (pictured here) has been with Essilor of America since 2007 when she joined as public relations and communications lead. Since 2015, she has served as global director of content and communications for the VII. She was appointed vice chair of Vision2020 USA in 2016.
Gross is a member of the Optical Women’s Association and serves on its communications committee. Gross began her new role Jan. 1 and in the coming months will build her team in Dallas and other parts of the world.

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