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Exclusive Date: April, 2013
Exclusive Date: March, 2013
Exclusive Date: February, 2013
Exclusive Date: May, 2012
Here is a look at some of the buying groups throughout the U.S., along with some of their specifics. For more on both buying groups and alliances, go to the May issue of Eyecare Business.
Exclusive Date: November, 2011
With so many shops opening, it has become difficult to keep track of the who, what, where, and when of it all. To help put things in perspective, here's a roundup of some of the key players in the luxury boutique expansion
Exclusive Date: October, 2009
How one optometrist built his business by boldly going where no man has gone before
Exclusive Date: September, 2005
In this issue of Eyecare Business, we discussed the ins and outs of window display with experts from the optical and display industries. Here are the answers to an additional pair of questions.
Exclusive Date: August, 2005
There are some key times in a person's life when they are actively seeking ways to change their appearance such as getting contact lenses, including mile markers in their life that signal a style change.
Exclusive Date: July, 2005
When it comes to selecting a tinting unit there are more considerations then just 'will it heat up my dyes'?
Exclusive Date: July, 2005
ECPs say that while high-index lenses are rapidly becoming a lens-of-choice, they also caution that not everyone is cutout for high-index. These red flags may signal recommendation away from high-index:
Exclusive Date: June, 2005
One of the best ways to reach the 5 to 10 year old demographic is through schools. Here are some key ways in which ECPs are capitalizing on the school day to build their business.

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