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Article Date: 1/1/2017

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Crossbows’ Availability Expands

Signet Armorlite, Inc., announces the availability of Crossbows Optical lens designs from its Signetek Optical Lab. These new progressive lenses range from premium lens designs customized to a patient’s specifications to basic, entry-level designs.

Signetek customers can now order the following Crossbows lens designs: Custom V Progressive, Custom U Progressive, Basic Progressive, Junior Progressive, and Custom Single Vision.

These designs are available in clear, photochromic, polarized, Total Blue clear, and Total Blue polarized options. The Custom Single Vision offering is available in clear, photochromic, and polarized materials.

The lenses may be ordered through Signetek ordering software or VisionWeb.

INFO: 800-759-0075,,

CROSSBOWS OPTICAL / Signetek availability


Kids’ Sports Line Gets Rx-able Photochromic Lenses

Bollé’s Sport Protective line was launched in 2014 to give ECPs a complete collection of well-designed eyewear for young athletes. For the first time, all five models in the line are being offered with the option of Bollé Sport Protective proprietary Rx lenses with photochromic technology.

To ensure the lenses can be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors, the range of visible light transmission varies from 89% to 12%. In addition, UVA and UVB protection is 100%—an important feature to protect developing young eyes.

All models, regardless of lens type, are certified to rigorous ANSI Z87.1-2010 and ASTM F803 safety standards.

The five models—Crunch (shown here), Coverage, Swag, Dominance, and Baller—are all now available with plano, Rx, and photochromic Rx lenses.


BOLLÉ / Sport Protective line


PolyVue Goes Daily

PolyVue has entered the one-day disposable market with HD Dailies in a 90-pack, featuring patented high-definition optics with comfort-enhancing Hioxifilcon material. HD Dailies provide the same high-definition aspherics that are in PolyVue’s HD/HD2 products, and can be fit for single-vision wearers and emerging presbyopes with up to a +1.00 add. The Comfort Protected lens edge and Hypathin technologies make the lenses comfortable to wear, the company notes.

PolyVue incorporates the ideal aspheric curvature for each soft lens power and thickness, and compensates for aberrations caused by lens flexure on the eye.

Fitting kits are available.

INFO: 877-734-2010,

POLYVUE / HD Dailies


FSV Poly Sun

Rochester Optical, an independently owned optical lab, has launched its own sun lens—PolyShade85. According to the company, it is the only polycarbonate finished single vision category 3 sun lens with the tint embedded right in the substrate.

PolyShade85 lenses allow between just 8% and 18% visual light transmission (depending on Rx strength), making them what Rochester says are the darkest SFV polycarbonate sun lenses on the market. They provide a solution to optical retailers who want to offer one-hour or same-day prescription sunglasses to their clientele.

Having the tint in the substrate eliminates many of the problems associated with tinting clear polycarbonate lenses, such as inconsistent results and a white edge at the lens circumference.

The stock lenses are available in -6.00D to +4.00D out to -2.00D cyl; SVSF blanks are available in .50 to 8 base curves.

INFO: 800-820-6616,

ROCHESTER OPTICAL / PolyShade85 sun lens


Innovative Mirror Solution

OptiSource is offering a solution for retail optical locations that don’t have room for—or want—tabletop mirrors. Its new Swinger mirror is a shatterproof acrylic mirror on a 10-foot retractable cord mechanism that can be installed to any drywall or drop ceiling.

The retractable cord allows the patient to adjust the mirror to the perfect height with a simple pull-down or push-up motion and to freely move it closer or farther for their perfect focal distance. When not in use, the mirror is pushed up and out of the way.

INFO: 800-678-4768,

OPTISOURCE / Swinger mirror


Self-Refracting Tech

Vmax Vision has introduced what it is calling its most groundbreaking technology yet: the Voice Activ Subjective Refractor (VASR).

VASR encompasses all the advanced features of the company’s Perfectus refractor, which combines a wavefront autorefactor with a subjective Point Spread Function refraction. But it is unique in that it is a patient self-refracting instrument.

Computer-generated artificial intelligence reliably guides the patient (tech supervision is suggested) through the exam process, discarding results that are not consistent and alerting the doctor if the prescription is not sufficiently accurate. It eliminates the need to move the patient between instruments, and provides the doctor a direct view of cataract information, natural pupil size, and Zernike coefficients, wavefront maps, and other advanced optical analysis. According to Vmax Vision, it can dramatically increase doctor utility, making it possible to partition an eye exam into refraction and eye health.

INFO: 321-972-1823,

VMAX VISION / Voice Activ Subjective Refractor

Eyecare Business, Volume: 31 , Issue: January 2017, page(s): 80, 81

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