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Article Date: 1/1/2017

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An Edging Expert’s Inside View

How can ECPs optimize their business with in-office finishing? A rep who spends most of his working hours visiting eyecare businesses tells all...

Jaysun Barr spends his days talking to practice owners and other ECPs about how edging can benefit their business. An in-office finishing expert with Santinelli International, he’s on the road for much of his week, and has many tales to tell of how ECPs position themselves successfully to work with, rather than against, sales reps. Here, he dishes with EB about life in the finishing lane…

Jaysun Barr with Michelle Hutchins of Primary Eye and Vision Care in Howell, MI, after a training session

Repping is a family affair when Barr’s daughter Ruby visits him at the 2016 OptiCon

Toasting success with owner Kevin Kretch (center) and lab manager Steve Shum of Eyes on Chagrin in Woodmere, OH

On His Schedule…

Monday mornings are typically spent in my office setting things up for the next week, departing in the afternoon for the current week’s scheduled consultations, installation/staff trainings, and customer courtesy visits. I am a proud road warrior and make the most of it whenever possible—meeting with other industry reps and taking the scenic route whenever time allows.

Best Part of Repping Is…

As a kid I loved the “choose your own adventure” books, and as a rep I can choose where to go on a given day—pursuing the challenges of earning new business or visiting with existing clients. That often results in referral support, which helps balance the biorhythms of sales.

I really enjoy training clients and helping them make the most of their own optical career by way of learning for the first time, or taking existing edging experience to exciting next levels.

What ECPs Can Bring to the Table…

    Staff willingness to learn how to run an edger and wanting a new way of doing business

     An area with a little counter space (3 to 4 feet suffices)

     A month of recent private-pay and managed-care invoices

     An enthusiasm about taking the time to learn a proven way to bring your optical-based business to lucrative—and service-friendly—next levels!

The Biggest Change in the Equipment Field to Benefit ECPs Has Been…

In years past, private-pay was a greater percentage of business. And ECPs invested in lens finishing equipment as a way to reduce the cost of goods in the private-pay arena, while providing better services to patients.

Today, there is a higher percentage of third-party insurance patients, and the major managed-care players have adopted in-office finishing programs that make it possible for ECPs to order the stock blanks and perform simple finishing on-site. That redirects profits back to the business.

—Stephanie K. De Long

5 Tips for Equipment Buyers

As an in-office finishing expert for Santinelli International, Jaysun Barr has helped many ECPs set up their first edging labs. To help readers who are considering taking the plunge, he offers the following tips to begin a successful relationship with an equipment rep and to make the right purchasing decisions.

1. Know Your Reps: Are they experienced with installing and training? Will they be able to help you after the sale? The right reps can be a valuable resource to your business.

2. Get Staff on Board: Make sure your staff is in full support of your business—and its growth-based decisions—and that they don’t let reluctance to learn something new negatively affect your bottom line.

3. Shop Around: If you’re unsure as to which company and product to go with, meet with a few reps and get demos from all of them until you find just the right fit.

4. Run the Numbers: Capital equipment is commonly financed, and the ROI (return on investment) should be viewed as a monthly return versus monthly payment. Most often, the equipment’s life span will far surpass the payment terms. Also, check with your CPA regarding Section 179 tax deductibility.

5. Do Your Homework: Consider allowing reputable reps to help you in your exploratory phase—sorting out technical confusion and understanding your business’s metrics. Speak to local peers, too. This process will help you begin to understand the impact that implementing a new component to your business model would have.

Eyecare Business, Volume: 31 , Issue: January 2017, page(s): 50, 51

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